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Prepared for winter

It’s already some time since my last blog entry but I was very busy the last weeks. The free time I had I decided to spent with my bees because winter is coming and the bees need to be prepared. The two main activites I concentrated on were: Decreasing the Varroa Destructor population inside the …

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Varroa Treatment

If you’ve read my last blog post you know that I already started to treat my hives with formic acid against the Varroa Destructor. To check if the treatment is successful I counted the fallen mites on the bottom board. To support this activity I wrote an APP called “Varroa Detector“. Although the APP currently …

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Feeding my bees

Time is passing really fast and it’s already some time ago that I wrote my last post here. In the meantime many things happened. After the flower honey we got additionally some honeydew honey. It was not much but I was still happy because last year there was no honeydew honey at all. I could …

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So, now it’s time for my first post in english. It will be about the BeeTree. This tree’s origin is not germany but the asian countries. But luckily this tree can also grow here in the south of germany. I have now three little tries and I hope they wil become bigger soon. Unfortunately we …

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