Privacy Policy Varroa Detector

Varroa Detector processes and saves all data locally on the device it is installed on. No data or pictures that the user inserts into the APP will be sent via network to a remote destination. It is possible to create a backup of all the data in the APP but this is locally saved on the device and has to be copied to a save location by the user. Inserted data is saved on the device until the APP is deinstalled. A saved backup will remain on the device even after the deinstallation of Varroa Detector and has to be removed by the user. If pictures are taken during the real-time analysis these also remain on the device until they are deleted by the user. The following access rights are needed to use all functions of Varroa Detector:

Camera access is necessary for real-time analysis and if a picture shall be taken directly from within the APP. If the APP is used to only analyse pictures already stored on the device this access right is not required.

Access to local Storage
In order to allow the APP to store data persistent this access right is required.

Access to external Storage
In order to save backups or pictures taken during the real-time analysis this access right is required.

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